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Quickbooks/Tradegecko integration with Reverb

Synchronize orders, inventory and shipping details between QuickBooks Commerce and Reverb. This integration removes the need to manually deal with tedious tasks. This will free up your team, allowing them to focus on tasks that will deliver better business outcomes.

NOTE: This integration is not yet available, please contact Skumesh for details of the release date.

Key Features:

Reverb is automatically updated with the current stock levels

Orders placed on Reverb are added to Quickbooks Commerce

Delivery tracking codes are automatically synced to Reverb

About Reverb

Reverb is a prominent marketplace for music professionals and enthusiasts trading in musical instruments and audio hardware. It hosts an active community of buyers and sellers all over the world.

About QUickbooks

QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko) is designed to allow businesses to integrate with multiple sales channels. It has the ability to manage, fulfillment and inventory across online and offline channels.

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